Into the unknown

The future is unknown to all of us. And although we know it, it’s not often that we face it. It’s a bit scary.

But, it’s also more than a little exhilarating.

So as I finished my last day at my ‘real’ job; cleared my desk and said my goodbyes inside I buzzing with excitement.

Fast forward 24 hours…

I was way out of my comfort zone. The place where magic happens, didn’t feel magical. I was acting with intention but that’s not quite the same as having a plan and planning has always been my glue, keeping everything together when life was anything but certain.

Perhaps that’s not so unusual. Tony Robbins suggests that there are 6 basic human needs common to us all, and it is our desire to fulfill those needs that motivates all we do. Or don’t.

And certainly is one of them.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone requires faith + trust. Two things I’ve always struggled with despite my favourite mantra.

Where science ends, faith begins.

It’s no surprise, avoidance of pain + gaining pleasure = comfort, aka certainty.

But I’m yearning for magic.

So rather than control I’m nurturing faith. A belief that all is as it is intended to be. Trust in myself, my ability to create a life that excites and satisfies my own unique interpretation of a life fulfilled.

But control is not an easy habit to break and the unknown is, well, great.

There are though 3 things that I have found that bring me closer to living a life of faith and fulfillment.

Meditation, every day.

Creates the space for the self to surface. Freeing the mind from the idle chatter that clouds our awareness and essence.

Knowing our self, being aware of who we are, enables a sense of clarity that induces faith; a belief that all is possible.

Follow your bliss.

“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Joseph Campbell

Many of the decisions we make are grounded in should. What we should do based on duty, obligation or expectation, rather than what we want or need.

To live a life that is fulfilled it needs to be uniquely yours. It may feel good in the short-term to meet the needs of others, gratifying the ego and satisfying our own need to feel important or special but if it is ultimately a self-imposed state of control you’re sabotaging your own bliss.

Don’t let the ego lead with ‘what should I do?’

Next time you face a decision close your eyes, clear your mind, and ask the question ‘what do I want?’ Your heart will answer.  

If in doubt do.

It is often said if you don’t know what to do, do nothing.

I can’t agree.

We are dynamic. We are not made to stand still, mark time, sit back.

If in doubt do. If it feels wrong it most likely is. As my favourite sailor would say ‘adjust your sails’ and head for warmer climes.