Seaside summer

Our little village becomes a hive of activity from July through to September.

Sun, sailing and SUP’ing the beach is the draw for families that have made it their Summer home.

My morning walk with my favourite furry friend remains the foundation for my day. On the beach I enjoy the quiet of early morning and stillness of the water – those on holiday don’t rise too early. Gently bobbing boats lull me into my morning meditation.

It’s here that I think most clearly. Meditation? Perhaps though more a kin to mental morning pages, stream of consciousness thinking.

Written or not my morning pages tune me into my focus and purpose aligning my actions to my intentions. They challenge inertia giving rise to my best ideas.

While meditation, for me, releases anxiety my morning pages employ it. It goes back to my need for control and while I don’t fool myself into believing that I can control outcomes I can control my actions and efforts.

I’m working on my mind.

Walking back the café and sailing centre are yet to open – it’s still early. Clear and content I take pleasure in having slipped, quiet and unseen through the dawn and into the day.